Clean Beaches with Coastal Connections

Indian River County is proud to celebrate National Beach Day!

Clean Beaches Across Indian River County

We pride ourselves on our quaint atmosphere, locally owned businesses and restaurants, a variety of resorts and hotels, and of course our uncrowded beaches. Being a hot spot for self-driven vacations comes with some responsibilities! With a large population of Loggerhead sea turtles and thousands of species of birds, it’s important to keep it all clean, and Coastal Connections helps to lead those efforts. “Our mission is to protect coastal habitats by educating and connecting people to the environment.” – Coastal Connections.

Special thanks to the Coastal Connections for everything they do around Indian River County!

Litter is an unfortunate reality for all beaches, and everyone knows that no one wants to lay out next to someone else’s garbage.  With regularly scheduled beach clean-ups from Coastal Connections, Indian River County maintains the picture-perfect beach destinations.  CCinc understood that not everyone could make their schedules work to attend the clean-up dates, so they responded.

Beach Baskets have been added to entrances at another 5 beaches just this month, and now everyone who spends a day by the water can help!  The support from the county has been incredible and locals have stated that they’ve already seen an impact.  The increase in popularity with going green and eco-friendly has also impacted tourism in a positive way – with travelers appreciating their experiences and giving back.  Gone are the days of “Be Kind and Rewind”, but maybe we can start “Come Relax and Give Back”.

The baskets are regularly sanitized in response to the ongoing pandemic and have been designed to withstand the weather and salty environment rust-free.

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