Tune In To The Brand-New Treasure Coast Podcast: “Don’t Come Here”

A Brand-New Treasure Coast Podcast: “Don’t Come Here”

Are you a fan of podcasts? These days, they’re all the rage. In a nutshell, a podcast is a type of digital audio broadcast. People might listen to a podcast when winding down at home or while multitasking (like during a commute or a workout session). There are podcasts on virtually every subject, from news and entertainment to self-help, true crime, and so much more.

As of 2021, there are over two million podcasts available (Podcast Insights, 2021). That’s pretty impressive growth, considering there were just about 500,000 active podcasts in 2018. But now, there’s one more in the mix!

We are super excited to share that we have officially launched “Don’t Come Here – Stories from the Treasure Coast.” The cheeky name comes from a recent marketing campaign. Hosted by Joshua Flores, the podcast is a collaborative project between St. Lucie, Indian River, and Martin counties (aka the three destinations that make up Florida’s Treasure Coast). With more people embracing good old-fashioned road trips, we thought it was the perfect time to explore this exciting storytelling format.

Our brand-new podcast celebrates the incredible attractions, unforgettable experiences, and diverse personalities that make our destination so unique. Listeners can tune in each month as we explore a new topic and introduce you to an ever-changing panel of local experts. Discover all the reasons why the Treasure Coast is such a special place. But fair warning – after tuning in, you may just want to see it all for yourself.

Curious to hear more? Check out the first episode here. It’s also streaming on Spotify and iTunes. Our first panel of experts includes:

You can also watch episodes here!

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