Finding Fellsmere – A Visual Tour Through Art & Photos

Article first appeared in Visit The South with Tammy Lee Bradley

If you are visiting Indian River County Florida, make sure to take a few hours to explore Fellsmere. Nestled in the western section of the county between Sebastian and Blue Cypress Lake, it is a quaint southern town. Still mostly unaffected by large chain stores and restaurants, small town friendliness and southern hospitality is everywhere.

I hope you enjoy my images and paintings from the area and plan a visit in the near future.

Marsh Landing Restaurant located at 44 N. Broadway Street, Fellsmere

Marsh Landing Restaurant located at 44 N. Broadway Street, Fellsmere

Located in the beautifully restored Fellsmere Estates Building, Marsh Landing offers a truly unique dining experience. Frog legs, catfish and gator tail, fried green tomatoes and swamp cabbage are a few of the local specialties you can find at Marsh Landing.

Great food and southern hospitality makes Marsh Landing worth the drive from anywhere. My boys love the frog legs. Me… I stick to catfish. I’m a big sissy.

First Methodist Episcopal Church

First Methodist Episcopal Church

The First Methodist Episcopal Church in Fellsmere, Florida. It is located at 39 N. Broadway St.

Built in 1924 by a local contractor, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1996.


A quiet moment at the Stick MarshA quiet moment at the Stick Marsh

Created in 1987, the Stick Marsh is a 6500 acre reservoir in Fellsmere and is a premier bass fishing location.



Ditch 13 Gallery and Gifts in Downtown Fellsmere

Ditch 13 Gallery and Gifts in Downtown Fellsmere

A local Artisan’s gift shop. The featuring items crafted by talented locals such as homemade jellies and jams, ceramics, Intarsia wood crafting, stained glass, jewelry, fine art and more.




Hands down my favorite thing to do in Fellsmere. Each trip to this quaint southern town requires a visit with Bouy, the town’s welcoming committee at Ditch 13. This chatty little fella is a delight and always puts a smile on my face. This visit he gave me a soft and sexy hello that still makes me giggle. Watch out he will steal your heart.



The Marion Fell Library. The cutest little library in Florida.

Fans of the Tiny Home Movement will love this adorable historic library on N. Cypress Street. Fellsmere always makes me smile when I visit. Having grown up in a very small town in New England with a similarly small hometown library, this quaint building reminds me of rainy afternoons snuggled among the books in the children’s section.



I have a soft spot for Free Little Libraries.I have a soft spot for FreeLittle Libraries.

The Roaming Gnome visits the Little Free Library at the historic Marian Fell Library.
In my research of the area, I also learned that Paranormal investigators claim to have produced evidence of a haunting at this library including orbs appearing in photographs, temperature drops and disembodied footsteps in unoccupied rooms. I may need to make another visit for some ghost hunting.



Fellsmere Public SchoolFellsmere Public School

The historic Fellsmere Public School shown here is located at 22 South Orange Street. Built to replace the original 1911 wooden school and to accommodate the growing community, it was completed in 1916 for its first 136 students. The 22,680 square foot building was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on November 22, 1996. In 2010, the City of Fellsmere restored the school for use as a City Hall, Government Center, and Boys and Girls Club. On October 19, 2010, the Fellsmere Public School building re-opened to the public.



Fellsmere Water Tower

Fellsmere Water Tower

Located in the center of town by the Historic Public School, the iconic Fellsmere Water Tower is a beacon to all that visit.


Fellsmere Fresh

Fellsmere Fresh

Located at 33 N Broadway, the Fellsmere FRESH Farmers’ Market features delicious, fresh shrimp, produce, and hand-made goods all sourced from local suppliers. Learn more about the state’s sustainability project at



A new friend in FellsmereA new friend in Fellsmere

I met this Brahma Bull on the way to the Stick Marsh on Rt. 507. He was very friendly and has two lovely bovine girlfriends that are very curious.



Birthplace for Equal Suffrage for Women in Florida

Birthplacefor Equal Suffrage for Women in Florida

Historical Marker Inscription. “ The population of Fellsmere is of a high type of intelligence, with lofty ideals and wise execution. Progressive in all things, perhaps no better indication of the fact may be given than the unanimous vote of the town granting unrestricted suffrage to women.” Fellsmere Tribune, March 8, 1916.



  1. Kathleen King Greene says:

    Wonderful memories. I grew up in Fellsmere from 1932-1940. My Elementary schooling was there. My parents owned a grocery store on Broadway (building burned down in 60’s I think). My grandparents (Edward King) were early builders of the “city” of Fellsmere in 20’s. So many wonderful “come together” festivities enjoyed by the whole town.

    • Maureen Hughes Poole says:

      Was nice to see the virtual tour of my home town. My Grandfather & my Father arrived there in 1928., Married my Mother in 1937, I was born there in 1940, my brother in 1942, my sister in 1950. Our Dad graduated Fellsmere School in 1934, and me, my brother and sister did as well. Our parents owned the Fellsmere Hardware & Supply and Mother had the only beauty shop in town, adjacent to the Hardware Store, located on North Main Street.. My Husband & his parents moved there in the late 30’s, he attended Fellsmere School also, we married in 1958, Our parents have been gone for many years now, but we, along with our family still go back “home” and visit other family & friends & dine at Marsh Landing when in town.

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