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IRC Photographer Spotlight Series – Etta Cox

Indian River County launches "gratitude campaign" in efforts to showcase the community through the eyes of some of the most creative and local photographers.

Indian River County – Photographer Spotlight Series!

As we bring this year to a close and anticipate 2021, we wanted to finish this year with a “bang.”  We have had some incredible artists participate in our Photographer Spotlight series and feel really lucky that they love our county as much as we do!  This month’s pick and the final feature for this year, is Myrtle “Etta” Coxx (instagram & twitter: @mamapiinkx0 & Facebook: PicturesbyEtta).  Etta as she likes to go by, is a beach and nature enthusiast. Raised in Ft. Pierce, she visited Vero Beach often. She has lived in Vero for the last 4 years but also enjoys shooting neighboring towns.  She discovered her passion later in life which makes her story so inspiring.  It sends a message of hope to those wondering if they’ll ever find their own passion.  Keep scrolling to learn more about this incredible woman that we get the honor to showcase on our final spotlight of the year!


Continue reading to learn more about this talented photographer!


1. How long have you lived or have been visiting Indian River County?

I’ve lived in Vero Beach for the last 4 years. But I grew up in Ft. Pierce so of course I’ve been coming here to Vero for years!

2. What do you love the most about experiencing our county?

I love the beaches here! They’re so clean, beautiful, it also has a pier, which I enjoy photographing!

3. What’s your favorite place in our county to shoot? And Why?

The waves crashing up against the pier is 1 of my favorite things to shoot! Also Vero is close to Sebastian & Ft. Pierce the others I enjoy to photograph!

4. How long have you been a photographer?  

 I got into photography when I got my 1st iPhone! Which was about 2012. My daughter was visiting & we went to watch the sunrise. I’ve been hooked ever since.

5. Are you self taught or did you go to school to become a photographer?  

I did take a photography class Beginners 101. There I learned the basics. I didn’t even have a camera yet I was still shooting with my phone. While I was still in the class I eventually got my 1st camera! A Nikon D3200. Since then it’s just about practice. Every shot I learned something different about what I should do & what I shouldn’t do. I’m still learning! I see other photographers shots & can appreciate a beautiful capture! There are times I see a photo & wish I could take photographs like they do. So it’s always about learning!

6. What motivated you to get behind the lens?    

 I was motivated by the beauty of each sunrise I witnessed! At 50 years old I finally had found something I was passionate about! I had always been a homebody! There are other things I enjoy photographing, birds, each & every kind, I can take a “photo walk” & see a little flower, a shell, there’s so much beauty around us u just have to open your eyes!

7. What is your favorite area to photograph that is off the beaten path? 

My favorite place to photograph off the beaten path, is Riverside Park. I’ve done some family shots there it’s just about finding the perfect area also along the river there are some beautiful views it’s just a matter of finding a place to park. Lol!

8. Is this a hobby or your business?

It’s both! I don’t make a living on my photography (it’s rare that photographers do) but I do make enough to where I can live a little more comfortable, it helps me pay my bills, & buy myself a little something once in awhile.

9. What can our followers and readers expect from you in the future in terms of creative expression? 

In the future I want to get more creative, to go to new places, to photograph different landscapes. to get out of my comfort zone & try new things!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Etta’s journey with photography and how our county has inspired her to pursue her passion! She currently has her annual calendars for sale! Be sure to email her at: mamapiinkx0@yahoo.com, DM here on social media (Twitter & Instagram or Facebook) to place your order in time for the Holidays!! To stay up to date on her work visit: PicturesByEtta

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