Family-Friendly Adventure Itinerary

Family-Friendly Adventure

It is time to explore! Check out our 3day Itinerary, which will provide the best family-friendly adventure that Indian River County has to offer. Looking for the perfect family vacation spot on Florida’s Treasure Coast? Places that will have your little ones squealing with joy and your teens miraculously disconnecting from their smartphones?  Look no further than Indian River County and delight in 22 miles of picture-perfect beaches, 29 parks, and preserves, plus hidden treasures and family-friendly activities. While here make sure to explore the Treasure Coast Kids Quest.  Each spot has a highlight activity to achieve. Visit all six locations to earn your Treasure (PRIZE)!

Day 1

10:00 am: Discover the Environmental Learning Center
The Environmental Learning Center (ELC), a 64-acre 501(c)(3) not-for-profit nature center serves children and adults through school excursions, camps, lectures series, adult education, internships, professional development, family festivals, youth outreach, and numerous partnerships and programs that increase access to nature for people of all ages. ELC offers eco-friendly corporate retreats, weddings, birthday parties and other family and group gatherings. For more info, Click Here.

12:30 pm: Lunch at Countryside Farms
Family Fun is always around the corner at Countryside Family Farms! Check out all of our attractions, and seasonal crops like our U-Pick strawberry fields and flower patches and Fall Festival & Maze. Enjoy a delicious taco lunch while at the farm from El Sid Taqueria. For menu and more information, Click Here

3:00 pm: Play at Bigshots Golf
BigShots Golf is a state-of-the-art golf recreation and entertainment facility, powered by BigShots proprietary golf technology, located in Vero Beach, FL. Situated on 10-acres, BigShots Golf in Vero Beach is a two-story family entertainment experience that offers a full-service restaurant, 2 bars, private event space, and a 30-tee box climate-controlled experience. For more info, Click Here.

Day 2

8:00 am: Play with the animals at LaPorte Farms
When you think of visiting a local farm in the nation’s largest producer of citrus, are you thinking of oranges and grapefruits? Well, at LaPorte Farms, expect the unexpected at this unique petting zoo. Of course, pigs, chickens, horses, and goats are ready for some luv’in, but you’ll also be able to meet Fancy the Llama and the fluffiest donkeys you’ll ever lay eyes on. Get ready to pet Billy goats, Zebu (humped cattle), Marmoset monkeys, mini horses, plus tortoises, geese, parrots, and more. LaPorte Farms has many special events, and it’s an excellent place to visit for animal lovers of all ages. For more info, Click Here.

2:00 pm: Get creative at the Vero Beach Museum of Art
The Vero Beach Museum of Art’s dedicated Art Zone is a top spot for children featuring hands-on activities whiling encouraging artistic play and exploration using all five senses. With more than ten different play areas, including magnetic and chalkboard walls, a giant puzzle floor, a ceiling comprised of major constellations, a gallery wall, a puppet theatre, and an interactive sketch aquarium, children can spend hours or days creating works of art. Even the modular furniture was designed with kids in mind as pieces are reimagined into tables, chairs, tunnels, and cubbies. For more info, Click Here.

Day 3

10:00 am: Wander the gardens and play pirates at McKee Botanical Garden
National Geographic listed McKee Botanical Garden as one of the “22 Most Soothing Places of Surprise and Sanctuary in North America.” Today McKee is expanding with a new Children’s Garden, slated to open in September 2019. This children’s area offers a Lily Pad Water Walk, splash fountain, and air-suspended bamboo bridges, while tired children can take a rest in shaded bamboo huts. A life-sized pirate shipwreck will have little ones oohing and ahhing while a line of gigantic mushrooms will lead children into the fairy forest then onto the fairy house. Another gathering spot for children is the education amphitheater to see a play or participate in workshops and crafts programs. Reading programs are available at the Blue Crab reading circle and Stumpery. Click Here to find out more.

12:30 pm: While visiting McKee Botanical Gardens, Make sure to stop by their Garden Cafe
Feast on an array of items including fresh salads, flavorful wraps, paninis and sandwiches, soup and quiche of the day, and savory sides. Save room to indulge in homemade brownies, jam bars, and other yummy desserts. Fun and tasty children’s menu items are also available. For more info,Click Here.

6:00 pm: Sea turtle Night Walk w/ Coastal Connections Inc. 
Nighttime Turtle Walks are guided educational programs designed to immerse you in sea turtle conservation. This program provides an exciting opportunity to observe the nesting process before this ancient reptile returns back to the ocean. To ensure you have a memorable experience, our Turtle Team has prepared other exciting experiences that allow you to “see” as a turtle sees, conduct a mini lighting survey, and learn more about the importance of a healthy vegetated dune. You will also get your own picture of the nesting Loggerhead you watched to share your memories with others. For more info,  Click Here.

*Please note: Sea Turtle tours are restricted to dates in June & July (Permit Restrictions)

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