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Indian River County is our name, world-class fishing is our game!

Indian River County is our name, world-class fishing is our game!

The Indian River lagoon system is a fantastic place to fish year round. Several of the most sought after game fish can be caught here, including Snook, Trout, Redfish, Tarpon, Flounder and Sharks. Lined with mangroves, grass flats and other under water structures, the lagoon offers the perfect habitat for these game fish and has everything needed to satisfy any inshore angler.

Some of the best “fishing spots” in the lagoon can be very tidal dependent. With rock jetties and mangrove edges, predatory fish such as Snook and Trout, will wait and ambush bait as the tide pushes them past these certain structures. This is why it is very important to know your tides. Some of these tidal dependent areas include the Sebastian Inlet and Harbor Branch area.

It is always good, if you’re fishing with artificial lures, to match what the fish are feeding on or as we like to say, “match the hatch”.

Some tips to remember are when fishing for Redfish, it is hard for them to resist a shrimp or small crab. They naturally feed heavily on these crustaceans, but will also more than willingly eat a small bait fish like mullet or pinfish. And for Snook, it’s always best to fish around a structure. Rock pilings, dock pilings, and mangrove edges tend to be the best as these fish will eat just about anything that swims by.
When it comes to the best fishing spots, look for primarily are three things: bait, current and signs of life. What I mean by signs of life is any kind of feeding activity; birds diving, stingrays, dolphins feeding etc. Some spots will produce better than others, but if you can find these signs, you will have success finding the fish.

The right rod and reel combo is also very important when fishing, especially if you want to catch trophy fish. If you are fishing around structures, it is a good idea to have the tackle that can handle the fish you are targeting. Often times when a Snook gets hooked, it will try to find the nearest structure to break your line. So, it’s important to have a heavier rod class, bigger reel and stronger line to turn the fish away from the structure. Another thing to remember is that the clearer the water, the lighter the leader you’re going to need to use. Fluorocarbon leader material is a must in clear waters.

The Indian River lagoon system is a great place to fish. Whether fishing by yourself, with family or friends; if you use the proper plan, tackle and have favorable conditions, you could catch that trophy fish you’ve been looking for right here in Indian River County!

Captain Ricky Gonzalez
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