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Indian River County Waters Remain Safe Despite Nearby Algae Blooms Infiltration

Indian River County Waters Remain Safe Despite Nearby Algae Blooms Infiltration

An ocean resort is the perfect getaway, no matter what time of year it is! If you’re looking for a hotel near the beach, look no further than the plethora of lodging accommodations located in Indian River County, Fl. Whether you’re looking for fun, relaxation, interesting museums, sights to see, or all of the above, Indian River County offers a variety of Vero Beach lodging accommodations that will make for a great vacation, no matter your preferences and budget.

Florida has more than 8,460 miles of tidal shoreline. If you’re looking to plan a trip for the summer, the time to book your seaside resort is now, especially with the news of nearby bacteria and algae blooms affecting many areas of Florida waters. Fortunately, Indian River County waters are free of these risks, but there’s a good chance that recent reports of un-swimmable waters in Martin and St. Lucie counties will drive even more traffic to our already busy beaches and lodging accommodations.

According to TCpalm.com, the waters in Martin and St. Lucie counties — which contribute to the 663 miles of beaches and more than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and waterways Florida is home to — are currently being affected by algae blooms and potential enteric bacteria levels. The beaches in these counties have been closed all summer as a result of this unfortunate circumstance, but fortunately for would-be travelers, there is still a Florida option to consider. The Florida Health Department ran tests at the end of June that found enteric bacteria levels in Indian River County are still below unsafe levels, making them a great choice for a sunny vacation trip.

“There are currently no algae blooms in the Indian River Lagoon reported in the Indian River County area,” St. Johns River Water Management District spokesman Ed Garland in an email. According to Garland, algae naturally occurs in the lagoon. Problems arise when algae multiplies quickly and exponentially until it reaches “bloom levels,” he said.

Whether you’re an in-state resident looking for a quick trip to a safe beach or planning one of the estimated 650 million long-distance summer trips made in the U.S. every year, Indian River County has the lodging accommodations and safe waters to do so.

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