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IRC Photographer Spotlight Series – Victoria Sandage

Indian River County launches "gratitude campaign" in efforts to showcase the community through the eyes of some of the most creative and local photographers.

Indian River County – Photographer Spotlight Series!

Our second feature this month is, Victoria Sandage with Victoria Sandage Photography.  Her parents relocated to Sebastian, 28 years ago. She has been spending extended periods of time here throughout the years to be with them. Her stays continue to become longer, “it’s just too hard to leave this place.” she says, and loves being here and considers Sebastian to be “her second home”.

We asked Victoria some more questions and she shared with us some of the things that

she loves the most about our community!

What do you love the most about experiencing our county?

Beauty is everywhere here in Indian River County. I love the plethora of opportunities to photograph nature, landscapes, everyday life, and I enjoy discovering the unique characteristics that each town provides ( Sebastian, Fellsmere and Vero Beach).There is so much to experience here with land and sea; great hiking trails, festivals, skydiving, fishing, boating, surfing, educational and cultural opportunities, as well as the breathtaking sunrises and spectacular sunsets. IRC is the perfect “getaway” for families and/or those needing some space and solitude to refresh the soul.

What’s your favorite place in our county to shoot? And Why?

My favorite place to “shoot” here in Indian River County seems to change from year to year and from season to season as the area grows and develops. Definitely I am drawn to the water. Island View Cottages is one place I thoroughly enjoy visiting.

The riverfront resort/inn is a perfect combination of simplicity and beauty, as well as the Old Florida, feel and pampered luxury. It is there that I am able to relax on the dock or sit in a chair on the beach and enjoy the variety of birds and playful dolphins as well as take in magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Being near the water I get this feeling…like the returning of the homing pigeons, I feel a strong call “home”. It is here life teems along the waterfront, and along the shoreline, and for each new sunrise one experiences a fresh new beginning and is offered another day of hope. 

How long have you been a photographer?

I fell in love with photography when I was in high school (over 40 years ago) when I was given my first SLR camera. I started my business a few years ago after my family and friends encouraged me to expand so that others could experience and benefit from my art.

Are you self taught or did you go to school to become a photographer?

Mostly self taught. I have absorbed everything I could find on the subject and have had the opportunity to work alongside some great photographers. I am intentional about practicing, learning and growing my skills.

What motivated you to get behind the lens?

Ever since I can remember, my eye gravitated towards light, shadows, textures, colors and expressions. I noticed things that were so often are overlooked. My camera gave me a way to capture the beauty I saw with my eyes.

What is your favorite area to photograph that is off the beaten path?

Presently, I love exploring the Florida Glades and the Stick Marsh. There are so many great photo opportunities there with the birds, gators, canals and waterways.

Is this a hobby/passion or your business?

Photography is definitely a passion in my life although the business has evolved as a byproduct. I am rarely seen without my camera in hand. I am “seeing” all the time, it’s not a switch I can easily turn off. 

What can our followers and readers expect from you in the future in terms of creative expression?

Presently, I am working on developing products and tools with my images so others can connect with our Creator, themselves, and also the hidden beauty and extraordinary gifts around them in their everyday world.


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