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Sebastian Inlet State Park


Sebastian Inlet State Park – Your Guide to Family Fun

My recent trip to Vero Beach, FL was full of fun and sunshine. We loved staying on the water at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and exploring the local area. One of our favorite stops was Sebastian Inlet State Park– located only 10 miles away from our resort.


We loaded up the car for an early morning of exploring at the state park. Being a hot spot for fishing, the park was already buzzing with visitors. The park has long jetties for saltwater fishing or, in our case, taking a leisurely walk.

Sebastian Inlet State Park also has 3 miles of beach and tide pools that are perfect spots for families to explore. My toddler loved splashing around in the tide pools and looking for seashells. We used the park’s picnic benches to set up camp for the day.



If you’re interested in taking a hike, the Hammock Trail provided an easy walk through the park with plenty of nature to admire. We saw birds and turtles, but the park is known a wide variety of wildlife viewing. The trail is a nice shaded option from the Florida heat.


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Sebastian Inlet State Park is located on the “Treasure Coast”. Visitors can learn about the area’s rich history at the McLarty Treasure Museum ($2 per person). The museum features artifacts, exhibits and observation decks that look over the ocean. To this day, salvager’s still look for gold and silver from past shipwrecks.

Our family loved spending the day at Sebastian Inlet State Park and it’s a great addition to your stay at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. I would pack a picnic and bring athletic shoes for the trails. If you come in the early morning, expect parking to be busy with fishermen but clear out by late morning.



The park also provides camping locations, spots for surfing and spots for kayak launching.

Sebastian Inlet State Park

Open 24 hours

9700 South Highway A.1.A.
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951
(321) 984-4852

Admission Fees:

$8.00 for multiple occupancy vehicle

$4.00 for single occupancy vehicle

$2.00 for pedestrians



By Kimberly Stroh, a Wife and Mom just working hard to keep my head above the water each day. I have a passion for Disney and Running that lets me enjoy family travel. I believe the best lessons are taught from travel experiences and hugs from my kids make everything better. I’m located in Atlanta and expecting Baby #2 in late 2016.

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  1. Nancy Mann says: March 17, 2021 I will like information on the camping sites and how to make reservation for 1 person on the beach and how much a night thank you Nancy Mann Reply
Nancy Mann says:

I will like information on the camping sites and how to make reservation for 1 person on the beach and how much a night thank you Nancy Mann

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