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Spark Romance in Indian River County

Romance is in the air, and it is time to start planning what adventures you could go on this month! Whether that be staying at a luxury resort for a getaway weekend, visiting one of our local beaches to watch the sunrise, visiting McKee Botanical Gardens and the Environmental Learning Center, or dining at a local restaurant, we are sure you will plan a trip that will spark romance and create long-lasting memories.

Stay at a luxury Hotel

Close your eyes. Now, think of your ideal romantic vacation. Tell me what comes to mind. Spending time with your significant other? Relaxation? Breathtaking views? Delicious food? Well then, you’re in luck! Here in Indian River County, we have everything you need to make that vision come to life. It all starts with staying at one of Indian River County’s Hotels or Resorts. Whether you prefer to stay oceanside, riverside, or even somewhere pet-friendly, we have you covered!

By the Water

While in Indian River County, watching a sunrise or even a sunset on the beach is a must! There is no better feeling than grabbing a hot cup of coffee, sitting by the person you love, and watching the sky light up with variations of those orange, pink, and purple hues. With 22 miles of pristine beaches, there are plenty of places to choose from. However, a few beaches we suggest are South Beach Park, Golden Sands Park, and Round Island Beach Park.

Environmental fun

If you are looking for that perfect romantic getaway and enjoy outside activities McKee Botanical Gardens and the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) are the perfect places to explore. McKee is known for its lush jungle-like landscape. It incorporates breathtaking botanical collections and award-winning art exhibits that guarantee to make your vacation one to remember. While at McKee, dine at the Garden Café for a quick yet delicious lunch that never disappoints.

The ELC allows you to explore Florida’s natural beauty by allowing you to kayak and canoe along the Indian River Lagoon. While you’re out, you have the opportunity to see Florida’s native plants and local wildlife. Talk about the perfect way to enjoy precious moments with your loved one.


Regardless of what types of food interest you, Indian River County has some great restaurants that will bring your expectation of a romantic dinner to another level! Here is a list of restaurants The Treasure Coast Foodie suggests you choose from for the perfect romantic evening. The wave Kitchen & Bar at Costa d’Este Resort– Offers a 4-course meal, champagne, and your own personal server. Maison Martinique at the Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel– French Cuisine with their personal touches. Vero Prime– a local Steakhouse that offers some seafood and Italian dishes. Be sure to make reservations in advance!