Brand Guidelines

Our vision is to be recognized as a novel destination for visitors. By uncovering the essence of Indian River County with consistent, alluring detail, we will imbue the emotive feelings of Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Fellsmere. As an alternative to the state’s well-traveled paths, like Miami and Orlando, our look, voice, and tone will dictate a more reserved mood, drawing travelers to the discerning task of uncovering Indian River.

While the whimsical nature of our pineapple creates an approachable welcome, the serif typeface sets a guard at our gates, signaling a degree of formality to the raw beauty of our land, the historical presence of our communities, and the organization of amusement for their good time.

Tourists may be referred to as visitors or travelers, as we will strive to attract people who prefer to be a part of our landscape, rather than the long connoted tourists, who were historically and subtly removed from the scene. Through subtle shifts in our language and keen aesthetic choices, we will invite international guests to
experience Florida unknown.


Vero Bleu
CMYK: 58-5-3-20
RGB: 75-160-193
Hex: #4ba0c1

CMYK: 4-44-87-0
RGB: 238-151-60
Hex: #ee973c

Ocean Spray
CMYK: 37-0-14-0
RGB: 156-216-220
Hex: #9cd8dc


Volkorn Regular
Volkorn Medium
Volkorn Semibold
Volkorn Bold
Volkorn ExtraBold

Fira Sans Regular
Fira Sans Medium
Fira Sans SemiBold
Fira Sans Bold
Fira Sans ExtraBold