Art Box: Art + Business Networking


Calendar Icon Nov 11, 2023

Clock Icon 06:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Art Box is a Semi-Annual networking event that cultivates the collaboration of the Art + Business Communities presented by Cooley Creative LLC.

With the progression of media and the accessibility to entertainment, there is a need for the business community to embrace the expression of art as a resource for marketing. In marketing, engagement is one of the main goals for industry strategy. Artistic expression not only a powerful way to drive engagement, but it is a way to elicit strong emotions for the audience.

According to a Gallup poll, about 70% of buying decisions are made based on emotional factors. Can we succeed in business without tapping into art and entertainment to engage and drive emotional responses in our audience? Perhaps. But at Cooley Creative, we seek to do far more than survive. We want to rewrite the archetype of success and see others around us thrive in their space as they share their craft with a wider community.

Theme: A Classical Antiquity Horror
Every Art Box event will have a theme that is purposed to be a creative muse for vendors, guests, and collaborators. Since we are not ready to let go of spooky season, our first event will be horror inspired ancient Roman & Greek aesthetics: a classical antiquity horror.