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About Fellsmere


A Nature Lovers Wonderland

Fellsmere offers a surprising number of eco-friendly travel experiences. It’s home to Blue Cypress Lake, one of the world’s largest osprey nesting sites, and boasts one of the top bass and crappie fishing spots in the United States. The Saint Sebastian River Preserve State Park offers 60 miles of picturesque untouched natural beauty that protects the West Indian manatee woodpecker and Florida scrub.

Music lovers will enjoy some of the best bluegrass bands in the state hosted by Marsh Landing restaurant, an iconic landmark. Further, Fellsmere has been proclaimed the “Frog Leg Capital of the World.” The Frog Leg Festival holds two Guinness Book world records for ‘Most Frog Legs Served in the Course of One Business Day’ and ‘The Largest Frog Leg Festival in the World’!