History in fellsmere

Birthplace For Equal Suffrage For Women in Florida

Birthplace For Equal Suffrage For Women in Florida

“The population of Fellsmere is of a high type of intelligence, with lofty ideals and wise execution. Progressive in all things, perhaps no better indication of the fact may be given than the unanimous vote of the town granting unrestricted suffrage to women.” Fellsmere Tribune, March 8, 1916. In the June 19, 1915 city election, Mrs. Zena M. Dreier was the first woman to cast a ballot in Fellsmere, in all of Florida, and south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The town residents took much pride in this unique woman’s right, and urged neighboring municipalities to follow the ‘Fellsmere Way’ to equal suffrage. In 1919, a U.S. Constitutional amendment granted suffrage to women. But history will note that Fellsmere led the way.

  Broadway Street , Fellsmere , FL32948

Fellsmere Historic Church

Early members of the Methodist Episcopal Church held their early services in a tent and occupied the pulpit in the Union Church on the first Sunday of each month. They reorganized in 1922 and then built this sanctuary out of lumber from a recently demolished apartment house. It was completed and dedicated in April of 1924.

  39 N. Broadway St , Fellsmere , FL 32948

Marian Fell Library

The daughter of a founding father of Fellsmere, Marian Fell, pursued a literary career and by 1914 was publishing her translations of the works of Russian authors. The proceeds of the sale of her work funded the establishment of the Fellsmere Library which was dedicated in 1915. Although a small structure, the library flourished under the guidance of the Fellsmere Library Association and the many volunteers which operated the facility. The library remains in operation today, on a limited basis, run by volunteers, much like when the building was first opened.

  63 N. Cypress St , Fellsmere , FL32948