IRC Photographer Spotlight Series – Todd Jackson

Indian River County launches "gratitude campaign" in efforts to showcase the community through the eyes of some of the most creative and local photographers.

Indian River County – Photographer Spotlight Series!

As we reflect on these last few months and see the world around us make a shift.  We can’t help but realize how lucky we are to live in Indian River County.  Our team has been working diligently in coming up with creative ideas on how to share our community with the world in the most effective yet captivating ways.  We began by putting our “traveler hats” on and placed ourselves in the shoes of our future visitors.

We took a look at our archives full of images from the beaches, to the bike trails, to the restaurants, to the theater and museums, where memorable moments such as weddings and many other family-friendly filled events had been captured through the years and began to get inspired to share this with all of you!

We decided to partner up with the Top 10 Local Photographers who’s work we love and admire the most.  Our goal with this series is to have our future visitors immediately feel the urge to book their next vacation here in Indian River County.  We have selected 10 of the Top Photographers in our community and feature their work so that we could learn more about what personally draws them to our community and how it continues to “inspire them through their lens.”

Our first featured photographer to kick off this series is, Todd Jackson.  A native to Denver, Todd fell in love with our county as soon as he began to experience all it has to offer.  Todd has been shooting since he was a kid and “loved his Kodak Pocket Instamatic 10 and other assorted plastic film cameras.”  Do you remember those days?

We sure do!!  We have been working with Todd for quite some time in featuring his masterful work on our social media platforms.  Some of our most viewed and liked images are by “tdjacks” as we like to call him.  He’s another personal favorite here at Indian River County Tourism Marketing Department.  All right, you can tell by now how much we are excited to share more of his great work with you through this post.  Keep reading so that you can learn more about this very talented photographer in our community.


Todd Jackson | Abstract PhotographyWhat do you love the most about experiencing our county?

I love just being somewhere close to the water. And generally speaking this area, has a nice laid back kind of vibe.

What’s your favorite place in our county to shoot? And Why?

Humiston Park is probably my favorite place to shoot as it’s in walking distance. 

How long have you been a photographer?

20 years.

Are you self-taught or did you go to school to become a photographer?

I would say I am mostly self-taught. But I have taken many classes. I feel there is always something new to learn with photography.

Todd Jackson | Vero Beach PhotographerWhat motivated you to get behind the lens?

I always loved the idea of being able to capture a moment in time, and to be able to be creative with that moment.

What is your favorite area to photograph that is off the beaten path?

I really like driving to the beaches north and south of town that have less people on them. I would also love to go shoot more of Blue Cypress Lake west of Vero..

Is this a hobby/passion or your business?

Currently it’s more of a passion than a business. But I would love to go farther with it business wise as well.

What can our followers and readers expect from you in the future in terms of creative expression?

I am really getting into intentional camera photography. So expect some new abstract images! 

Below we have included some more of his work for you to enjoy!  For more on his work and how to contact him please visit: Todd Jackson Photography 

  1. Betty Kinzinger says:

    These are amazing photos. National Geographic May want to look into snatching him for some of their photos!

  2. Paula says:

    Love the work this man produces. Thank him for me for the time he puts into making his art. I appreciate it.

  3. Jim & Bonnie says:

    We found Todd after getting to know his parents. He always amazes us with each new photo he takes. Not just a great photographer but a truly nice guy.
    Jim & Bonnie

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