Fun In The Sun In Indian River County

Mar 06, 2023 / Krista Hoyt

When looking for fun outdoor activities, look no further than Indian River County! From exploring water adventures, skydiving, walking trails, and places to have drinks with friends, Indian River County is your one-stop shop for all things fun in the sun! More

Spark Romance in Indian River County

Feb 06, 2023 / Krista Hoyt

Romance is in the air, and it is time to start planning what adventures you could go on this month! Whether that be staying at a luxury resort for a getaway weekend, visiting one of our local beaches to watch the sunrise, visiting McKee Botanical Gardens and the Environmental Learning Center, or dining at a local restaurant, we are sure you will plan a trip that will spark romance and create long-lasting memories. More

Most Insta-worth Places in Indian River

Jan 19, 2023 / madden

Indian River County has the small-town charm and laid-back beach vibe that makes it the perfect coastal getaway. It’s no surprise that we have some stunning incredible photo spots. If you’re planning on visiting Indian River soon and hoping to get some great photos while you’re here, you definitely won’t want to miss these Instagram-worthy spots. More

Indian River County Scavenger Hunt

Nov 02, 2022 / indian-admin

Discover what makes Indian River County so unique with our scavenger hunt. Explore our beaches, history, and maybe even find some buried treasure.  Don’t forget to share your findings with us! Let us know when you completed your scavenger hunt by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! More

It’s A Dogs World In Indian River

Aug 11, 2022 / indian-admin

Want to plan a vacation but don't want to leave your furry friend behind? Many people consider their dogs to be family members not - just pets – and leaving them behind can be difficult. With several hotel options and even a mobile vet, Indian River County is the perfect place to plan a family vacation. More

Relax And Reset In Indian River

Jun 30, 2022 / indian-admin

Looking to relax and reset?Set aside some time to do what makes your soul happy. Sometimes you can get so caught up in daily life that you actually put what you enjoy on the back burner. Life is about balance. More

Culturally Diverse Restaurants In Indian River

Jun 24, 2022 / indian-admin

Food is a very important component of culture because it helps bring people together from all walks of life and connect on a more intimate level with their family and friends. Comfort foods, for example, frequently show who we are and where we come from because they are deeply rooted in tradition, and they help nourish, not only our bodies, but our souls as well. More