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Ever wonder where the hip crowd from Miami, landlocked beach lovers from Orlando, or tony travelers from Palm Beach go to getaway? Their top pick, eco-chic Vero Beach. Wondering why? The beaches are uncrowded and windswept; scattered with seashells, shorebirds, and scenic, unobstructed views. Beachgoers here are more likely to encounter a loggerhead sea turtle hatchling, a ghost crab or watch as brown pelicans dive for their dinner. This quaint, friendly seaside town resides at the intersection of green and glamorous. Posh resorts, simple and sophisticated eateries, and one-of-a-kind boutique shops are just steps away from the ocean inspiring travelers to sip, shop and stroll.

Hotels and resorts with rooftops no higher than swaying palm trees make the area irresistible for sun worshippers. The destination’s motto “Sunrises, not High-rises” is not a marketing gimmick but a promise to all who visit this 26-mile beach paradise. Vero Beach is different from other Florida coastal towns. On the barrier island, you won’t see towering high-rise hotels, t-shirt shops, neon signs or chain restaurants. What you can expect when your beach chair hits the sand is plenty of Florida sunshine without the crowds. Beyond the beaches, the area is rich in eco-excursions and top-tier cultural attractions while offering a relaxed, small-town vibe that is quintessentially Vero Beach, Florida.

Downtown Vero has experienced a rebirth of restaurants, shops and art galleries and is fast becoming one of the hottest spots in the area. Visitors can enjoy monthly gallery strolls, street festivals, and green and vintage markets.


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